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CCB Seminar Series: Open SSSOM - Unlocking the wealth of biomedical data using shared standardized entity mappings

OHDSI Symposium 2022: There are no "good" mappings.

  • October 2022, hybrid symposium (
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OM 2022: A Simple Standard for Ontological Mappings 2022 - Updates of data model and outlook

  • 23rd October 2022, Workshop for Ontology Matching, ISWC 2022, virtual
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OBO Academy 2022: Introduction to manual mapping curation

Workshop on Prefixes, CURIEs, and IRIs

  • Fall 2021, Use Case Talk on the need for prefix maps for SSSOM
  • Workshop info

Pistoia Seminar 2022: A Simple Standard for Sharing Ontological Mappings (SSSOM)

WSBO-2021: Workshop on Synergizing Biomedical Ontologies

MC-2021: 1st Mapping Commons Workshop on Simple Standard for Sharing Ontology Mappings