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OM 2022: A Simple Standard for Ontological Mappings 2022 - Updates of data model and outlook

Where: Virtual, co-located with ISWC 2022, When: 23rd October 2022

Speaker: Nicolas Matentzoglu, PhD, Independent Contractor, Semantic Web and Knowledge Graphs expert

Abstract: The Simple Standard for Ontological Mappings (SSSOM) was first published in December 2021 (v. 0.9). After a number of revisions prompted by community feedback, we have published version 0.10.1 in August 2022. One of the key new features is the use of a controlled vocabulary for mapping-related processes, such as preprocessing steps and matching approaches. In this paper, we give an update on the development of SSSOM since v. 0.9, introduce the Semantic Mapping Vocabulary (SEMAPV) and outline some of our thoughts on the establishment of mapping commons in the future.