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Enum: EntityTypeEnum

URI: EntityTypeEnum

Permissible Values

Value Meaning Description
owl class owl:Class
owl object property owl:ObjectProperty
owl data property owl:DataProperty
owl annotation property owl:AnnotationProperty
owl named individual owl:NamedIndividual
skos concept skos:Concept
rdfs resource rdfs:Resource
rdfs class rdfs:Class
rdfs literal rdfs:Literal
rdfs datatype rdfs:Datatype
rdf property rdf:Property


Name Description
subject_type The type of entity that is being mapped
predicate_type The type of entity that is being mapped
object_type The type of entity that is being mapped

Identifier and Mapping Information

Schema Source

  • from schema:

LinkML Source

name: entity_type_enum
rank: 1000
  owl class:
    text: owl class
    meaning: owl:Class
  owl object property:
    text: owl object property
    meaning: owl:ObjectProperty
  owl data property:
    text: owl data property
    meaning: owl:DataProperty
  owl annotation property:
    text: owl annotation property
    meaning: owl:AnnotationProperty
  owl named individual:
    text: owl named individual
    meaning: owl:NamedIndividual
  skos concept:
    text: skos concept
    meaning: skos:Concept
  rdfs resource:
    text: rdfs resource
    meaning: rdfs:Resource
  rdfs class:
    text: rdfs class
    meaning: rdfs:Class
  rdfs literal:
    text: rdfs literal
    meaning: rdfs:Literal
  rdfs datatype:
    text: rdfs datatype
    meaning: rdfs:Datatype
  rdf property:
    text: rdf property
    meaning: rdf:Property