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Phenomics First

Parts of this work were funded by Phenomics First (NIH / NHGRI #1RM1HG010860-01):

  • Design of the specification
  • Integration of sssom-py into the Mondo integration
  • Development of the sssom-py CLI (command-line client)

Bosch Gift to LBNL

Parts of this work were funded by a gift from Bosch to the Lawrence Berkely National Laboratories (LBNL):

  • sssom-py IO functionality and deployment on pypi
  • Testing framework
  • File format converters in sssom-py
  • Documentation pages of SSSOM (

Significant contributions

  • This project was made using the Link Model Language (LinkML) framework
  • Harvard Medical School (through significant contributions of Charlie Hoyt, including refactoring of sssom-py, release and quality control infrastructure)